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Prajapathi Bran Rice

Thinking to change your food habits and want to go with organic natural food for a better life? There is nothing better than starting it with 'Prajapathi Organic Bran Rice'. Cultivated without using any chemical fertilizers, 'Prajapathi Organic Bran Rice' is a product of natural milling and processing to keep all the health benefits offered by the red rice intact.

It is our vision to bring the goodness of nature, right into the kitchens of our customers, the way nature made it. Because we believe that it is what you eat you are.

Natural Bran Rice super premium range

The baton of legacy got exchanged to newer generations and newer lands were acquired to cultivate rice using more innovative but organic techniques. Achieving 100% pesticide-free rice is what we strive for on this land that we have taken up from others.

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Health Benefits of Bran Rice

Prajapathi Bran Rice
Prajapathi Bran Rice

Presence of

♦ Prajapathi Organic Bran Rice is a great source of antioxidants that can counteract with dangerous free-radicals to deactivate them effectively. Rich in Iron, Zinc and Manganese, Prajapathi Organic Bran Rice can help the body strengthen its immune system, not only just to save the body from outside attacks but also the attacks of free-radicals within the body.

Prajapathi Bran Rice

Controls cholesterol and heart diseases

♦ The presence of the compound Monacolin K in Prajapathi Organic Bran Rice can effectively reduce the cholesterol rates in human body, ultimately helping to diminish the chances of heart diseases and heart related complications.

Prajapathi Bran Rice

Effectively maintains blood sugar levels

♦ Various nutrients present in Prajapathi Organic Bran Rice can effectively help the body reduce the glucose levels in human blood giving way to better control over diabetes and other diabetes related problems.

Prajapathi Bran Rice

Better digestive

♦ The presence of dietary fibers in Prajapathi Organic Bran Rice helps in better digestion of food, and it results in better bowel movement. This helps the people who consume red rice to have a better and stronger digestive system.

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